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We went in on a hay shipment with Molly (of Blackberry Moon Farm) and Stephanie (of Sweet Breeze Farm). Delivery was free if we ordered five tons or more, so we each ordered two tons and had it delivered to Stephanie’s.

Above are cell phone pictures of the truck being unloaded  and Adrian and Connor (Stephanie’s son) on top of the stack.

Now, what to do with two tons of hay and no barn? Well, you have to borrow Stephanie’s truck “Bob,” and then hire neighboring teenager Rob Crane and his friend Skyler to move the bales to . . . our basement.

That’s right. We have two tons of alfalfa on pallets in the basement. There was no other place to put them where they’d stay dry. Of course, the goats have figured that out, so every time we walk to the basement door (which is outside) we are greeted with a chorus of “meeeeeeeehhhhhhhhhs.”