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It took about five months for our chicks to grow into adults and begin laying eggs. By that time, I’d spent so much on fences, nest boxes, feed, and shelter, that I figured I’d have to charge about $50 per dozen to begin recouping my investment.

Around December 10, our chickens laid their first egg. (Don’t they look proud?)

Because they matured during the darkest time of the year, I decided to play “god” and artificially┬álengthen their days to make them produce more. I put a timer on the light in the chicken shed and gradually worked them up to 14 hours of “daylight,” which increased their egg production. Their free ride was over. It was time to earn their keep.

Having said that, I wonder if gathering eggs will ever get old. It still seems like Christmas every time I check the nest boxes and find little treasures in them.