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We spent a long time with the Murray McMurray catalog, and finally decided on 12 Golden Laced Wyandottes, which are considered a “rare and unusual” breed. I thought they were the prettiest chickens in the catalog. Having had a higgeldy piggeldy flock of mismatched hens, I was ready for a beautiful flock that I’d enjoy looking at out the kitchen window.

Like anything else you order from a catalog, baby chicks come in the mail. You have to order a minimum of 25 of them (they keep each other warm in the box), so friends and neighbors went in on the order.

Early one morning in late June of 2007, someone from the post office called to say the chicks had arrived.  So we pulled on clothes, ran to the car, and drove to Langley to get them.

Adrian at the post office getting our baby chicks

That is the day we became farmers.