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I have never made jam before, but I had 20 lbs. of nectarines in the fridge and something had to be done with them. Thing is, I remember my mom making jam, and the thought of putting all that sugar into already-sweet fruit appalled me. I wanted to make sugar-free jam–or “spread” as it’s called. But how?

I couldn’t find any satisfactory recipes on the Internet, but I did find Pomona’s Universal Pectin, the secret ingredient to making sugar-free jam. Conventional pectin requires (lots of) sugar to gel. Pomona’s requires calcium.

My initial intention was to sweeten the jam using concentrated fruit juice, but  when I decided to triple the batch, I didn’t have enough of that on hand. I did have a gob of agave nectar, though, so I used that (3/4 cup per batch).

One case of nectarines=a whole lot of work. This picture shows the results of two triple-batches of nectarine jam, which only used up 2/3 of the box. I froze the rest for smoothies. I mean, how much nectarine jam can two people eat?