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The egg production of the Golden Laced Wyandottes went down drastically after they molted. We knew we had to get a new generation of birds and, to avoid the over-abundance of accidental roosters that we experienced last time, we opted for a new breed of chicken: the Red Star.

Red Star Chickens

Photo by Adrian

There are professional chicken sexers who examine the crotches of baby chicks to determine whether they’re male or female, but their accuracy rate was off the mark, based on our last order of chicks. Friends and I ordered around 30 female chicks and wound up with at least four roosters. Not a problem with Red Stars! They can be sexed by color (hence the name “sex-link”). The males and females are different colors when they hatch, so no crotch-inspection is necessary.

We have found them to be early and enthusiastic layers. The first ones began laying at four months, as opposed to the usual five to five-and-a-half months of age. The eggs are lovely, and a rich, shiny brown.

Meanwhile, the seven remaining Wyandottes found a wonderful new home via Craig’s List and Buttercup remains our only retiree.